20 of the United States of America’s Best Tattoo Artist

With so many great tattooist in the U.S. it’s not easy weeding through the talented hoards to find the one you want. Here is our list of of the top 20 custom tattooist that you may want to consider for you next tattooing project, complete with a very brief description of the type of work they do. How did they make our list? First they had to be well known, famous tattooists who are well recognized in the tattoo industry. We looked for artist with at least 10 years of experience. Of those artists we chose those who have a solid portfolios with large, clear, professionally shot photos featuring their work. In their portfolios we specifically looked for 20 or more pieces that showed consistent quality. We judged their work based on expert line quality, shading and coloring. We also looked for positive recommendations, reviews and client testimonials. Style and subject matter is subjective and was not taken into account; however, we have avoided tattooists who work largely consist of the latest trendy designs. We’ve tried to limit this list mostly to artist who are not associated with reality tattoo shows or large online marketers. Without further ado and in no particular order, here is the Tattoo Artists Guild’s pick of America’s Best Tattoo Artist.


• David Bolt http://davidbollt.com/

Super Fine Line Surrealism Fantasy

Asheville, NC | Boca Raton, FL


• John Reardon http://johnreardontattoos.com/

American Traditional

Brooklyn, NY


• Paul Booth http://lastrites.tv/

Realistic Horror and Gore

New York, NY


• Arron Cain http://www.aaroncain.com/

Bio-mechanical Surrealism

Cedar Ridge, CA


• Nick Baxter http://nickbaxter.com/

Fine Line Surrealism

Austin, TX


• Jeremy Garrett http://washingtoncustomtattoos.com/

Fine Line Illustrative Comic Book Style Art

Seattle, WA | Brooklyn, NY


• Chris Dingwell http://www.chrisdingwelltattoo.com/

Illustrative Surreal Americana Fine Art

Portland, ME


• Stefano Alcantara http://www.stefanoalcantara.com/

Photo Realist

New York, NY


• Jeff Gogueart http://www.gogueart.com/

Traditional Japanese Art Nouveau

Portland, OR


• Travis Koening http://traviskoenigtattoos.com/

Neo America

Denver, CO


• Oleg Turyanskiy http://www.offthemaptattoo.com/artists/Oleg_Turyanskiy/

Fine Line Illustrative Surrealism

Easthampton, MA


• Timothy B. Boor http://timothybboor.com

Realist Illustrative Portrait Art

Kokomo, IN


• Liz Cook http://www.lizcooktattoos.com/

Photo Realistic Portrait Art

Dallas, TX


• Guy Aitchison http://www.hyperspacestudios.com/

Bio-mechanical Sci-Fi Surrealism

Creal Springs, IL


• Bob Tyrrell http://www.bobtyrrell.com/

Realistic Horror Portrait Art

Detroit, MI


• Anil Gupta http://anilgupta.com/

Extreme Fine Line

New York, NY


• Brandon Bond http://www.brandonmfbond.com

Neo Traditional Horror

Smyrna, GA


• Paco Dietz http://www.gravenimagetattoo.com

Bio-mechanical Gore

Santa Clara, CA


• Shane O’Neill http://shaneoneilltattoos.com/gallery/

Photo Realist Portrait Art

Willow Grove, PA


• Teresa Sharp http://teresasharpeart.com/

Illustrative Decorative Fine Line

Richmond, VA


If you are a tattoo artist and would like to be considered for future T.A.G. articles or would like to recommend an outstanding tattoo artist that you would like to see featured please contact us with a link to their website.